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December 2, 2016

Managing dependant projects with leiningen

Caveat For some reason the nicely aligned clojure snippets are rendered weirdly. Probably some proportional/fixed width issue somewhere. Apologies. About I strongly believe that ignorance is one of the most powerful tools we should employ when we build software. As a mechanism to enforce de-coupling it is great. What?! Huh?! No, I haven’t lost the plot (any more than usual), I simply mean that I strive to build small components that are as ignorant as possible. ... Read more

September 29, 2016

Circle-ci and phantomjs

Another quick tip. I use the excellent cljsbuild to compile and test our ClojureScript projects (and I can’t believe how difficult it is to wire this stuff together in 2016!). To support continuous integration I use phantomjs to provide the JavaScript environment. Unfortunately circleci’s environment doesn’t have phantomjs v2 available to it and v1 has some troubling properties. It turns out, after much googling and dead ends, that it is pretty trivial to get phantomjs in your circleci environment, simply add: ... Read more

September 26, 2016

Lessons learned with Clojure's StackTraces

A hard day I learned the following lessons today: Simplest is best Evaluate your assumptions Sometimes development is just hard In a nutshell, our production app records UI errors and submits them to the server where they are pushed to the error-handler. Similarly, if an Exception is raised server side it is also pushed to the error-handler. However, the errors that had been captured were all ridiculously long stack traces with no references to any of my code. ... Read more

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