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October 6, 2016

Quick update on seafile and plex

So I am trying a new experiment…

So…. how have you all been? It has been a worryingly long time since I last saw you all ;-)

Life seems to be doing all it can to stop me blogging, so this is ‘fly by’ blog post to keep me in rhythm.


Wow, this is rocking my world big time - it is great. Disappointed there isn’t a ‘one-way sync TO the server’ as that would replace my use of rsync.


Where have you been all my life? Closely following seafile in ‘things that make me smile’, Plex is awesome for managing your media. Sort of :-) - CDs are a dream, rip them, and the magic of internet-accessible-tag-libraries will pull down cover art, organise them etc.

Doing the same for TV shows or DVDs….not so much. Rip a DVD to MKV format (google makemkv if you don’t have a solution already) and it will produce a number of ‘titleXX’ files.

Import those into Plex (or any media file really) and all sorts of fun, insane and just wrong things will happen.

When you name the titles properly then again, it works like magic. Click on the file icon and you get a lovely full page view of the file, specials, extras etc. with full page cover art pulled from the internet.

I did this with my ‘Lost’ DVDs and when you click on one of them you get some lovely spooky music.

Very cool. But you have to work at it a bit.

And, if you have close to half a TB of (legally owned!) stuff, it can take a while to upload over Virgin’s abysmally small upload speeds.

What else?….er…nope, that’s it.

Oooh, actually, before you go - check out Plex’s beta ‘Cloud’ offering. Can’t wait for that to get out of beta.

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