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November 19, 2016

Seafile library history

Seafile has a really neat ‘history’ browser - on the web site you will see a little clock icon when viewing a library. If you click this you can navigate to a point-in-time and then either restore the entire library, a folder or a file from that snapshot. For example, from the list of libraries: pick a library: click on the history icon: choose a snapshot: navigate as you wish: ... Read more

October 1, 2016

Moving to seafile from pydio

About We occasionally need to share sensitive files with our clients: new deployment bundles, test data etc. Due to the sensitive nature of our work we must have the following: strong usernames/passwords no client installation so a decent web UI is necessary encryption in transit and at rest And as I will be administering it, it must also: be trivial to install and upgrade not break when you upgrade the OS As this is an experiment I want to self-host (as that increases security somewhat) and all the hosted options I have looked at are either too expensive or too cumbersome. ... Read more

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